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Macanese food is a fusion of spices and food cultures from Africa, India and the coast of Malacca, brought to Macao by the Portuguese. With different foreign and Chinese ingredients plus cooking styles to cook traditional Portuguese dishes, this unique taste was created and has been enjoyed by travellers for decades.

You will find a fine selection of coffee shops in Portuguese style selling delicious pastries and providing the chance to experience the local flavours.

For lunch and dinner, Macanese and Portuguese restaurants are found all over Macao. Among the popular restaurants are Oporto and A-Lorcha, both close to the A-Ma Temple. Within close walking distance of Senado Square are the popular Escada and Restaurante Platao, while in the old Taipa village there’s O’Manel, Litoral and the more upmarket Antonio’s. On Macao’s lush green outer island of Coloane, Miramar is a must.

Make sure you order the spicy African Chicken and perhaps the local dessert Serradura. Why not head to  Coloane for the world’s most mouth-watering Macao Egg Tarts from the original Lord Stow’s Bakery.

From authentic international cuisines to fine dining experiences

OR Michelin-starred street foods and restaurants…

In recent years, Macao continues to be recognised as one of the world’s culinary destinations – following an influx of internationally renowned restaurant brands from around the world and celebrity chefs that take Macao’s gastronomic scene to new heights.

Macao offers its travellers a smorgasbord of choice, from local and traditional flavours to a city that offers some of the most authentic cuisines from across the globe.

Both on the peninsula and along the neon-lit Cotai Strip there are a number of quality fine dining restaurants within the giant precincts. Among them are the growing number of Michelin-starred street foods and restaurants… this includes three Michelin-starred Robuchon au Dome (French style) and the two Michelin-starred The Eight (Chinese style), both within the Grand Lisboa Hotel.

Across on the Cotai Strip are such fashionable restaurants including Messa9 and Beijing Kitchen, to name just two.

To find out more about the tastes of Macao, visithttp://en.macaotourism.gov.mo/dining/restaurant.php

Why not Download your copy of our Macao Recipe Cards and try cooking these tasty dishes, African Chicken, Minchi, Macao Egg Tarts and Serradura before you travel to Macao.

Tastiest Breakfast Buffet:

Grand Orbit

Address: Conrad Macao

Tel: +853 8113 8910

Website: www.sandscotaicentral.com

Lunch with a View:

360º Cafe  Restaurant

Address: Macau Tower

Tel: +853 8988 8622



On Macao Peninsular


Tel: +853 2896 6900

Email: escada888@gmail.com

O Porto Interior

Tel: +853 2896 7770

Restaurante Platao

Tel: +853 2833 1818


Website: www.plataomacau.com


Tel: +853 28752599


Website: www.vinha.com.mo


On Coloane: Restaurante Espaco Lisboa

Tel: +853 2888 2226 ­­­


On Taipa: Antonio Restaurant

Tel: +853 2899 9998


Website: www.antoniomacau.com